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Families of CDLI

The distance learning team invites you to join us for the CDLI virtual Family-Teacher confrences...

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Awarded $25 000 Memorial University Alumni Entrance Scholarship

Madelyn Young

National Science Fair Participant – Regional Science Fair Gold Medalist

Haley House

Volleyball Canada National Tournament Participant

Ben Parsons

Provincial Concours d’Art Oratoire - Core French Winner

Lily Saunders

Emma Mouland selected as a Historic Sites 2023 Ambassador

Emma Mouland

Emily Pearce selected as a Historic Sites 2023 Ambassador

Emily Pearce

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Provost Scholarship

Veronica Sawyer

Science Fair Awards and Accomplishments

Antonia Lundrigan

Grace Tuglavina's Accomplishments

Grace Tuglavina

Winner of 3 Dalhousie Scholarships

Mackenzie Tapp

The Musical Talents of Haley Peddle

Haley Peddle

Grace’s Legacy

Grace Voisey

A Star On and Off the Ice

Riley Mercer

Entrepreneurial talents of Kevin Coffin

Kevin Coffin

Awarded Prestigious Loran Scholarship

Malorie Osmond

Awarded Prestigious Loran Scholarship

Lydia Hardy

Student Spotlight

CDLI News & Announcements

2023-2024 CDLI 14 Day Calendar

Download our CDLI 14 day calendar in multiple formats.

Aug 07 2023

Interested in learning more about CNA?

On Tuesday, February 28th between 7:00-9:00 pm NST, College of the North Atlantic will be holding...

Feb 21 2023

New Course Review Materials Available

Jan 12 2023

Need a Tutor?

We are pleased to announce that CDLI's online tutoring program is back!

Oct 31 2022

2022-2023 CDLI 14 Day Calendar

Download our CDLI 14 day calendar in multiple formats.

Jun 10 2022

Newfoundland and Labrador Education Foundation Scholarships

The 2021-2022 Newfoundland and Labrador Education Foundation Scholarships will be open to all graduating students...

May 26 2022

Intermediate Content

There is now Intermediate content available through CDLI for Math and STEAM for Grades 7, 8, and 9...

Apr 14 2022

Green Career Event

The Climate Collective are hosting a panel-style Green Career Event on Tuesday, April 12th and Wednesday, April 13th, from 12:15 - 1:00pm (NDT) each day.

Apr 12 2022

MedQuest Returns Virtually for NL High-School Students

MedQuest Virtual, an exciting two-day career event for Newfoundland and Labrador students...

Apr 01 2022

MUN Calculus Placement Test, CPT

Registration is now open for students planning on...

Mar 17 2022

Memorial University Q & A Session

Have questions about Memorial University? We have answers!

Feb 11 2022

New Course Review Materials

Jan 28 2022

Memorial University Application Session

Have questions about applying to Memorial University? Come connect with a St. John’s Campus...

Jan 14 2022

The University of New Brunswick: Virtual Education Career Fair

The University of New Brunswick is hosting a virtual education career fair on January 20th...

Jan 05 2022

Family-Teacher Conferences

Please see attached document for information regarding Family-Teacher Conferences...

Dec 09 2021

Course Review

Review materials that assist students writing exams.

Online Tutoring

Free tutoring for senior high and intermediate students.

Learning Resources

Four types of learning content and resources.

CDLI Guidance

Tools and information to help you throughout High School.