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Student Spotlight

Celebrating the Entrepreneurial talents of Kevin Coffin

Posted on Jan 20, 2022

CDLI is pleased to highlight Kevin Coffin, a Level II student who attends Fogo Island Central Academy on Fogo Island and is currently enrolled in Math 2200 and Physics 2204 with CDLI.

While busy with his learning in school, Kevin is equally busy running his own business. His brush with entrepreneurship began at age 7 when he opened a lemonade stand. Since then, his interest in business has grown and he became the creator and the sole owner and operator of Fogo Island Wood Works. Kevin’s love of woodworking stemmed from his roots; his grandfather was a boat builder. He wanted to carry on the family tradition, along with keeping the tradition of Fogo Island alive. Kevin incorporates these traditions into everything he does so that his pieces are representative of all that Fogo Island has to offer.

Kevin used his knowledge of woodworking as an integral part in establishing a buddy bench at Fogo Island Central Academy. He volunteered his time and paint to create the lettering and pictures for the bench, while juggling two full-time jobs at two Fogo Island Workshops. Aside from being known for his craftsmanship, Kevin is known by his teachers as an incredibly personable, talented, bright, motivated, and hard-working student - “a shining star”.

Kevin has future aspirations of obtaining a Bachelor of Business degree and growing his business even further.

Kevin was featured by CBC in an episode of Land and Sea. To learn more about Kevin’s ventures, you can visit his website at

CDLI would like to congratulate Kevin on all of his hard work and accomplishments!