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About Us

The Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation is a division of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, NLESD, and has been in existence since 2001. CDLI’s mandate includes the development and delivery of senior high school distance education programming to students attending high schools in rural, remote and isolated regions of the province, resource and technical support for the delivery of online teacher professional learning, and the oversight of K-12 technology integration initiatives. Our belief is that learners should have equitable access to educational opportunities in a manner that renders distance transparent. Our day-to-day operations reflect that belief.

CDLI has forty-four (44) staff including, two program specialists, two training specialists, a connectivity and communications specialist, an IT systems manager, twenty-nine eTeachers, a guidance counsellor, and eight administration and support staff. The staff members are located in seventeen (17) office locations that span the entire province.

CDLI works to provide courses and programming to students where the programming may not be available at the local school. CDLI offers forty-two (42) senior high school courses that cover a range of curriculum areas including advanced and academic mathematics, sciences, English and French languages, technology education, social studies, skilled trades, French first language and fine arts. Educators using web-based technologies deliver CDLI courses. More than one hundred ten (110) schools offering senior high programming in the province avail of CDLI.

CDLI offers educators and students in the province access to web-based objects that support provincial curricular learning outcomes. CDLI also provides free access to course review materials in various courses, plus free, "live" online tutoring to students throughout the school year.