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Student Spotlight

Ben Parsons – Volleyball Canada National Tournament Participant

Posted on Jun 12, 2023

CDLI is very proud to shine its student spotlight on Ben Parsons. Ben is a Level III student at Smallwood Academy. He is currently enrolled in Math 3208, Math 3200, Physics 3204, Chemistry 3202, and Biology 3201 with CDLI.

Ben plays with The Loopers Volleyball Club Team under the leadership of coach Deon Goulding. The Loopers team had remarkable success this year – beating out other provincial teams to compete at the 2023 Volleyball Canada National Tournament in Calgary!

This was a very special and momentous achievement for The Loopers – its players have trained and played together for more than two years and have competed with each other since their early junior high years. The team was quite excited to combine their talents and display them on the national stage.

Ben is kept quite busy with his many pursuits – be it academics, athletics, extra-curriculars, volunteering, or his many hobbies and interests. He has been recognized as the Valedictorian of his graduating class at Smallwood Academy. He tutors weekly to support the learning of younger students while also taking the time to support his fellow classmates when he can. This year he participated in the Virtual Science Fair and was selected to present his project at the Regional Science Fair, where he placed second and was awarded the Silver Medal!

Ben is also an avid athlete, and the commendation he and The Loopers received this year is only one of his many volleyball achievements. Smallwood Academy’s volleyball team, the Panthers, have won 23 banners over the past six years. These have included a 3A at a provincial tournament, a 4A at a regional tournament, and a Silver Medal at this year’s [4A] provincial tournament. Ben also enjoys playing basketball, softball, and table tennis.

In his spare time, Ben enjoys reading, running, listening to music, and going to the gym with friends. He also has a niche interest in learning more about the complexities of Calculus – especially in areas that are unique from the course curriculum. 

Upon graduating from high school, Ben hopes to first complete a Bachelor of Engineering through Memorial University. He has future ambitions of pursuing medical school to achieve his dream of becoming a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, which will enable him to apply his “love of kids” in a supportive and caring professional role.  

CDLI would like to congratulate you on your many efforts and achievements, Ben! We wish you every success in your future pursuits. Way to go!