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FAQ: What's it like to do an on-line course?

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CDLI's delivery system is designed to bring teachers and learners together. This contrasts sharply with eLearning's predecessor—correspondence. Traditionally, when it has not been feasible to offer courses face-to-face, correspondence was the method of choice. While many students enjoyed good success with those types of courses, most statistics showed that many students who began correspondence courses did not complete them. Typically the students who did not complete correspondence courses noted that the lack of personal contact between them and the teacher and between them and other students as the single most important factor. This is not the case with CDLI. CDLI courses are in no way like correspondence courses. The synchronous and asynchronous tools result in frequent, sustained, contact between the participants and the eTeachers. As a result, both CDLI's completion rate and success rate tends to be the same as for those offered face to face.