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FAQ: What are the expectations of students?

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CDLI is not radically different from the regular system. It is another component of the provincial education system, one that works cooperatively with the school districts. As such, its expectations of the students are very much in-line with those you have come to expect.

CDLI expects that students are prepared to grow in taking responsibility for their own learning. Make no mistake, though, CDLI will support the students in every way possible. It will provide consistently high-quality real-time instruction in conjunction with support for carefully-developed learning activities. It will also provide constant support and encouragement to ensure that the students are sufficiently motivated. It also ensures that the students have the necessary tools to do the job. Realizing, though, that a very important goal is to create individuals who are best equipped to live in a knowledge-rich society, CDLI will also work to ensure that students make important strides toward independence. Students should not enroll in courses through CDLI expecting to coast, un-noticed, through the school year. Every student's development is important and students can expect to have this made clear to them.

This means that students are expected to play an active part in their own learning. Attendance is expected in the synchronous classes. While students can have access to recorded classes it is expected that they attend the live classes and participate to the fullest extent. All students are expected to do the asynchronous activities and other assigned work. That may include completing written assignments, projects, interacting with online activities, preparing journals, quizzes and tests.

Missed classes are inevitable. Given the size of the province, and the climate, whenever there is a storm at least some of the schools we serve are closed. Likewise, for legitimate reasons, individual students sometimes have to miss classes. For CDLI students these are not much of a problem at all. On days when schools are closed due to weather, students with at-home connectivity can simply log in from home and join class just as if they were in school. For students who cannot join in this manner the classes are recorded and can be experienced once the student returns to school.