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FAQ: What are the benefits of doing an online course?

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  • CDLI's delivery system

    It is also important to note that CDLI's delivery system is very much in-line with the way today's adolescents interact with one another. Instant messaging, videoconference applications such as Skype™ and social networking tools such as Facebook™ are all part of the daily lives of our students. These tools are similar to the ones used by CDLI. The use of CDLI's teaching and learning tools is a seamless transition for students. The tools are very similar to the ones the students use in their own lives. It is easy to see that eLearning is not a stretch for the students. Rather, eLearning is very much in sync with the daily interactions of students online.

  • eTeachers

    CDLI's online teachers, often referred to as 'eTeachers', provide one of its greatest strengths. eTeachers are highly trained specialists, both in their subject-matter area and in the field of eLearning. Students in CDLI courses can therefore feel assured that the instruction they receive is second to none. CDLI also provides the services of its own guidance counselor, similar to other schools in the province; the guidance counselor is available to all CDLI students and works in partnership with counselors at the schools.

  • Post-Secondary readiness

    Post-secondary institutions are increasingly making use of the same technologies used by CDLI. In fact both the College of the North Atlantic and Memorial University have standardized around the same eLearning platform as CDLI.

  • Independent learners

    Additionally there is a general consensus that participating in a course through CDLI generates more of a sense of independence and more of a sense of ownership for one's own education. Students who complete courses through CDLI are thus better prepared for the transition to post-secondary education.

  • Results

    The CDLI student results, as measured by both research instruments and by provincial exams are very encouraging. Students taking courses through CDLI are demonstrably at no disadvantage.