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FAQ: How are parents involved?

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CDLI expects to work with the parents and guardians of our students, just as you would expect of any school. Of course our methods may differ somewhat, but the outcome will still be the same. Online parent-teacher nights will augment the ones you get from your school. Regular progress reports will be sent to your school. CDLI will endeavor to ensure that these coincide with the ones your child receives for the face to face courses. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your eTeacher to discuss the reports, but the meetings will likely take place by telephone or, if you wish, using Blackboard Collaborate™ or videoconference.

CDLI is a supplement to the regular school setting. Schools should only enroll students in CDLI when it is not feasible to offer particular courses onsite. Rest assured that CDLI will work with all involved in the education system to ensure the quality delivery of education services.