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FAQ: Are all learning activities on-line?

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Not all learning activities need take place in real time. Written assignments, for example, can be done by individuals or groups working separate from the larger group. These 'asynchronous' activities give the students a degree of flexibility to schedule the time in which the activity will occur. A class can, for example, break from the large-group Blackboard Collaborate™ session to give students the opportunity to work independently or in small groups. CDLI's learning management system, Desire2Learn, (sometimes abbreviated D2L) is provided to help manage these types of activities. In particular, students can use Desire2Learn to:

  • Email their classmates and instructors.
  • Post related comments and opinions to the discussion forum for the course.
  • Access and then submit written assignments.
  • Interact with learning content, both in the form of web pages and multimedia.
  • View grades.