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FAQ: How do I view feedback on graded items?

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Are you familiar with the term “dropbox”? As a CDLI student you will use the dropbox to submit assignments and other work to your eTeacher/s.

The dropbox is a tool that the eTeachers and students can use to exchange files. The dropbox works by uploading a file to a depository. Files can be sent from or to the eTeacher.

You will also want to view feedback on items that you have submitted.

To view feedback on a dropbox item, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your CDLI account and click on the ‘Go to Desire2Learn’ link.
  2. The D2L Main Screen Opens. Select your course from the dropdown list.
  3. From the main course homepage, click on ‘Assessment > Dropbox’ to access your dropbox folders.
  4. Choose a folder item you wish to view feedback about.
  5. Click on the speech bubble to view the feedback on the particular item. A new window will appear.

  6. Look in the feedback section to view your feedback.