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FAQ: What is provided?

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CDLI works in partnership with your school to ensure that you have everything that is needed to do the course work. The school provides the physical space for you to work in and CDLI provides the necessary electronic equipment so you can get online and access your course.

Sufficient computer workstations are provided to the school so that everyone who needs to get online for class can get access using their own machine. Students do not have to share computers during any particular class. Of course sharing between classes happens. The computer that you use in period 1 to access your English course may be used by another student in period 2 to access their World History course, for example.

You will be provided with your own headset microphone so you can participate in the Blackboard Collaborate sessions. These will be replaced if they cease working.

An all-in-one printer/copier/scanner is provided to your school so you can submit handwritten work. If, for example, you complete a Mathematics assignment by hand then you will place it on the all-in-one, scan it from your computer workstation and then put the electronic file in the Desire2Learn dropbox. You can also use this machine to do any necessary printing.

A videoconference machine is also provided to the school for use, as needed.

Depending upon the course, other specialized equipment may be provided. See the course-specific section of this website to get the particulars.