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Bullying Awareness: Educators

What can educators do?

  1. Engage your students in a conversation about how to behave online (Netiquette).
  2. You can spark a discussion by working with your students to complete a Word
  3. Scramble and Word Find.
  4. Monitor computer use and look for children minimizing the screen or laughing a lot while on the computer.
  5. Create a classroom or school policy that addresses inappropriate computer and cell phone use.
  6. Keep an anonymous comment box in your classroom where children can report incidents of cyberbullying.
  7. Complete a Respect Contract with your students.
  8. Involve children in preventing Cyberbullying through the use of peer counseling.
  9. Emphasize that silence is not acceptable – encourage children to report Cyberbullying.
  10. Provide counseling services at school for children involved in Cyberbullying.
  11. Teach children how to “Take 5” and think before they post.