In those instances where schools in Newfoundland and Labrador are either unable to offer fine arts programming or are unable to accommodate local student’s schedules for Career Education programming, CDLI offers the province’s students an opportunity to explore their own career aspirations and curiosities through a variety of online and offline activities .Visual art courses and online music performance and appreciation courses.

CDLI’s Career Education offers the following eLearning course:

Career Development 2201

Career Development 2201 is a course designed to increase the level of awareness and foster the development of skills necessary for career planning and pursuit for today’s modern student. Throughout the course students will be engaged in a variety of different activities and assignments that will contribute in a positive fashion to the student’s greater understanding of their interests, skills, aptitudes and interests that relate closely with their career planning and development path. The course is heavily based around the efforts the student puts into the assigned work of the course that helps them meet the specific curriculum outcomes. Four units of study will be undertaken:

There is also a mandatory volunteer component of the course that requires students to be involved in 30 hours of volunteer community work as part of their overall evaluation. Possible volunteer activities will be discussed with students once classes are operating full-time. This volunteer work must be confirmed by a co-operating school official and the appropriate documentation of the volunteering activity of the student will be provided for this.

Prerequisites: None

Overview of Class Delivery Structure

Throughout the course students will be expected to complete and submit specific pieces of work related to the course content. All work assigned in this course will be identified under the following categories in the evaluation plan below. It is important that students complete all assigned work on or before the due dates posted and that any extensions on work be asked prior to the due date. It is important the students understand the importance of meeting deadlines and completing tasks as part of their skill-set development for effective career planning and development. The course evaluation plan is as follows:

Materials and Resources


The students are evaluated through a variety of activities, tutorials and assignments. There are no written tests.


This course is great for all students to assist them with career planning.


Not required for Post -Secondary