Looking forward

Make an informed decision

A big part of finding what you like, what makes you YOU is experiencing. A fantastic way to experience is to volunteer! Regardless where you live, opportunities are waiting for you to discover them! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Community and volunteer options

Programs and Services


Job Search

For many people, junior high is where you get your first work experiences. From babysitting, coaching, doing yard work for a neighbour or delivering flyers – these are your first jobs! As you move to other types of employment you will need to approach things differently – writing a resume, cover letter and seeking employers. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The basics

Know your rights

Just for fun!!

Life can be fun and games!! Check out these fun sites as you work out your interests, abilities and skills!

Still unsure of your next step?

It's ok not to know exactly what you want at this stage!! And we know that a high percentage of students that think they know, will change their minds and that is ok too!! Keep your options open is the only thing you need to decide at this stage. But you can get help: Chat with your guidance counsellor, teacher or principal.