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Student Spotlight

Nathan Corrigan of Stella Maris Academy in Trepassey awarded Change Maker Award at SHAD, University of Calgary

Posted on Mar 26, 2018

Nathan Corrigan has been awarded a Change Maker Award from SHAD 2017 at the University of Calgary. SHAD is a life changing summer enrichment program that gives high school students the opportunity to focus on academic activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Nathan was a successful applicant for SHAD 2017 through the Hibernia scholarship. He was one of 64 students at SHAD UCalgary who are leaders and role models, and made a notable difference during the month by helping others and being a good friend. Nathan also attended the SHAD Cup in Toronto this past October with the UCalgary winner BoltTech.

Nathan is an inspiration and role model to his peers and the younger students at Stella Maris Academy. Due to the very small student enrolment he is taking the majority of his Level 2 high school courses through CDLI, including World Geography 3202, Math 2200, Biology 3201, French 3200 and Chemistry 2202. This requires tremendous commitment and discipline on Nathan’s part and he continues to maintain first class honours status. He has also displayed great dedication in acquiring and improving his French language skills. Nathan attended the Quebec French Immersion Program for three weeks in 2016 and is accepted for Explore 2018, a four-week French summer immersion camp.

Despite his heavy academic load Nathan is also very involved in the life of the school and community through volunteering with activities such as President of Student Council, French Club, Tutoring, Breakfast Program and Intramurals.

CDLI would like to congratulate Nathan Corrigan on his impressive accomplishments and encourage him to keep striving to do his best.