Student Spotlight

Kailey Gillingham selected for Women in Science and Engineering (W.I.S.E.) opportunity!

Posted on Dec 17, 2015

Kelly, a current CDLI ,student was selected by W.I.S.E. and sponsored by Service Canada - Canada Summer Jobs to be employed as a Medicinal Chemistry Research Assistant for the summer of 2015. She was selected based on her references, academic status and a reflection essay. Kailey had the opportunity to explore careers in her field of interest and experience an invaluable mentorship through Dr.Laleh Alesarie, at the School of Pharmacy located at the Health Sciences Centre in St. John’s. This opportunity cemented her decision to pursue a career in Pharmacy. Kailey had a job as a Medical Chemistry Research Assistant where she had the opportunity to research Anti-Cancer Drugs and perform related tasks. Kailey is a Level III CDLI student completing Advanced Math, Calculus 3208 and Physics 3204. Valmont Academy of King’s Point and CDLI congratulate Kailey on her selection for this wonderful W.I.S.E. opportunity!