Student Spotlight

Joshua Corcoran - Selected and Attended 4H Conference in Saskatchewan

Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Joshua Corcoran is a Level III student at Dunne Memorial Academy. This year, Joshua is doing 6 of his 7 courses through CDLI. Joshua is involved with many aspects of school life. He is a member of all of Dunne Memorials’ school sports teams, including softball, basketball, ball hockey and ultimate Frisbee. He is also a member of the Leadership Committee and is a student coach with Participation Nation or more commonly referred to as PN Unplugged. PN Unplugged is an after school fitness activity program for primary and elementary students. Outside of the school, Joshua is an active member of the 4H club and has been group president with this organization since 2014.

In November, Joshua was selected to travel to Regina, Saskatchewan for a five day 4H conference. The 4H name represents four personal development areas of focus for the organization: head, heart, hands, and health. The organization has over 6.5 million members in the United States, from ages 5 to 21, in approximately 90,000 clubs. The goal of 4-H is to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth through experiential learning programs and a positive youth development approach.

During this conference the groups visited the Regina Science Centre, Agribition, and were involved in presentations, including a guest speaker from NASA. The organization also had an opportunity to participate in Bull Pen, which is similar to Dragon’s Den. The point of this was to create a business that would help farmers. Joshua says this was a great learning experience and the trip was one he will always remember. Dunne Memorial and CDLI would like to congratulate Joshua on this significant achievement!