Student Spotlight

Francine Burke - Attending the SHAD Valley Program

Posted on May 28, 2015

Francine Burke of Dunne Memorial has been selected to attend the SHAD Valley Program in Saskatoon, July 2015!

Francine Burke is a Level II student at Dunne Memorial Academy in St. Mary’s, NL. Francine is quite active in her school, both with her academics and with her extra-curricular interests. Her academic performance has consistently brought Francine to the top of her class and she maintains the highest standing in all her curricular programs. Outside of her studies, Francine has been a member of her school’s Student Leadership Executive, Tutoring for Tuition, Junior and Senior choirs, and Drama Club. As a member of the Green Team, she tutors young students about the importance of taking care of the environment. Francine has also represented her school on the School Council as a student leader and became the sole school representative for the Brain Storm Provincial Competition this year. Her interests include reading, writing and a strong love for art and design. She is currently completing Advanced Math 2200 and Chemistry 2201 with CDLI.

This year, Francine is a successful candidate of the SHAD Valley program. She will be travelling to Saskatoon in July. SHAD Valley is a 4 week summer enrichment program. Students attend workshops and lectures that focus on science, engineering, technology and entrepreneurship while also enjoying team building and local attractions. The staff and students at Dunne Memorial Academy and CDLI congratulate Francine on her accomplishments and wish her success in her summer venture!