Student Spotlight

Cody Hicks - Winner of the 2015 Newfoundland and Labrador individual sportsmanship medal in Senior Boys A Volleyball Provincials

Posted on Dec 17, 2015

Cody Hicks is a level III student at Gill Memorial Academy, Musgrave Harbour. Throughout his high school years he has trained and competed as both a volleyball and ball hockey player. His hard work, dedication and character have resulted in his receiving the School Sport Newfoundland and Labrador individual sportsmanship medal at this school year’s senior boys A volleyball provincials. Cody is the type of athlete who accepts winning and losing with grace, maintains self-control, works hard for self and team, and is always respectful of the decisions of coaches and officials. He is certainly a deserving recipient of the individual sportsmanship award. As he is graduating from high school this year, we are so pleased to have the opportunity to celebrate a young man who is a great student, a great person and a true sportsman. Cody is currently completing Chemistry 3202 and Physics 3204 with CDLI.

CDLI and Gill Memorial Academy congratulate Cody and wish him all the best!