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Student Spotlight

Cameron Rice, Winner 2016/2017 TD Scholarship for Community Leadership

Posted on Jun 12, 2017

Winner of a 2016/2017 TD Scholarship for Community Leadership – Cameron Rice of New World Island Academy  

Cameron Rice of Herring Neck is the recipient of a TD Scholarship for Community Leadership. These scholarships are valued up to $70,000 and contribute to the educational goals of youth who have made a significant difference in their community. Cameron volunteered for the Come Home Year Committee and turned the dory race that he created and managed into an annual event called the Herring Neck Dory Festival. The event attracted 400 people and gained the support of provincial politicians and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Cameron also served as co-president of the student council, hosted an annual community Christmas supper to share the holiday spirit and organized a benefit concert for the Canadian Cancer Society. Cameron reinvigorated community spirit in his small fishing port.

Cameron is currently taking French 3200 with CDLI.

CDLI and New World Island Academy would like to congratulate Cameron on his impressive accomplishment and wish him the best as he pursues his studies in Commerce at Memorial University.