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Student Spotlight

Billy Barnes Selected by the Loran Scholars Foundation

Posted on Mar 09, 2018

CDLI and Bonne Bay Academy would like to congratulate Billy Barnes on his selection by the Loran Scholars Foundation to fly to Toronto on February 2nd, 2018 to compete for a $100,000 scholarship. It is both an honor and a privilege for a candidate to be selected. Only 88 are chosen throughout Canada.

Billy has also been selected in the past to attend SHAD at Dalhousie. This is a month-long program in which 900 students are selected across Canada and internationally to attend an in-residence program focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math).

Billy is a well-rounded, academically successful, entrepreneurial, community and goal oriented young man. He plans to pursue an engineering degree at university in the fall. At his young age, he has many accomplishments. He created a company to use digital marketing to increase tourism to Gros Morne region and the western coast of Newfoundland. As a dedicated citizen, Billy also serves on the local Southside Fire Department that covers the entire Bonne Bay South area.

Billy is currently completing five courses with CDLI. They are Calculus 3208, Chemistry 3202, English 3201, Physics 3204 and Advanced Mathematics 3200.

CDLI and Bonne Bay Academy would like to congratulate Billy on his accomplishments to date and wish him a bright and successful future.