Student Spotlight

Bailey Tarrant, Competed in the National Miss Teenage Canada Pageant

Posted on Dec 23, 2015

Bailey Tarrant of Holy Name of Mary Academy in Lawn recently competed in the National Miss Teenage Canada Pageant in Toronto in August. She competed with the title of Miss Teenage Southern Newfoundland.

Bailey placed in the Top 15 out of 82 Canadian girls who competed in the National Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. This pageant gave Bailey and her competitors the opportunity to learn, grow, challenge themselves and engage with a higher purpose for a chance to express their individuality and to transform and realize their true potential. This Canadian pageant is known for its high standards.

Bailey is an exceptional student who is enjoying an impressive senior high career. She is a testament to the idea that you can achieve your dreams. There are no limits to what you can do whether you are in an urban or rural school.

Some of Bailey’s other accomplishments during her senior high years at H.N.M.A are as follows:

  • Competed in two Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador Pageants placing in the Top 8 and First Runner Up
  • Won Miss Teen Talent, Miss Teen Photogenic, Miss Teen Academic and Miss Teen Humanitarian
  • Selected as the Marine Institute Scholarship winner, a value of $10,000
  • Selected and attended the Students on Ice program, visiting the Arctic and Greenland in 2013
  • Received numerous Academic, Sports and Drama Awards at H.N.M.A.

Bailey’s has had an impressive array of accomplishments in her senior school years. She is a well-rounded student. Bailey is a dedicated team player in high school sports playing in soccer, volleyball and ball hockey teams. She is a community volunteer, an honors student and an Allied Youth executive in addition to being very active in her drama troupe. Bailey is currently completing Calculus 3208, Advanced Math 3200 and Physics 3204 with C.D.L.I.

CDLI and Holy Name of Mary Academy in Lawn would like to extend congratulations to Bailey Tarrant! Keep up the great work Bailey! H.N.M.A and C.D.L.I. look forward to your future accomplishments.