Grenfell Cenotaph


Grenfell, Saskatchewan

The Grenfell Cenotaph was erected on August 8, 1926 in memory of the Men of the Grenfell District.

History of the Cenotaph

The stone came from Scotland, a twelve-ton piece of red granite, polished and engraved in Aberdeen. It was erected on an eight foot concrete plinth and contained forty five names of the Grenfell boys who died. On Sunday, August 8, 1926, the anniversary of the the battle of Amiens, at three o'clock in the afternoon the Rev. H.H. Creal performed the dedication; Mayor C.J. Rosborough delivered the address, and native born Hon. W.J. Patterson unveiled the column. After 1945, a sandblasting process on the other side of the Memorial engraved twenty more names. The Memorial sits in a well manicured lot where there is a peaceful serenity... a fitting tribute to the memory of these young men.

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