Trenton Cenotaph

Centennial Park, Trenton, Ontario

Constructed in 1968 and originally dedicated in memory of WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. Later rededicated in 1988 in memory of the fallen of all conflicts.

Designed by Walter Gregory (design chosen in a competition in 1967). Main worker: Carl Taylor (obtaining materials and contractors). Complete cost borne by Branch 110, R.C.L. and its Ladies' Auxiliary.

Materials include rocks from an old Trenton post office representing the strong base Canadians rose from. A broken column suggests lives cut off early. Two benches were added: one for "rededication to the fallen of all conflicts"; the second dedicated to crew lost at sinking of HMCS Trentonian.

There is always a large parade on Remembrance Day and other memorial events.

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