#4 Bombing and Gunnery School Memorial


Fingal, Ontario

The Memorial was erected in 1993 in memory of Royal Canadian Airforce Personnel who served at the #4 Bombing and Gunnery School during 1940-1945.

The inscription on the plaque reads:


RCAF No. 4 Bombing and Gunnery School

No. 4 Bombing and Gunnery School was a unit of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. The Plan, from April 29, 1940 to March 15, 1945, graduated over 130,000 air crew, of which 73,000 were Canadians. No. 4 B&CS consisted of the main station at Fingal; bombing ranges at Dutton, Melbourne, Frome and Tempo; a Marine Section at Port Stanley; and bombing and gunnery ranges on Lake Erie. No. 4 B&GS operated from November 25, 1940 to February 17, 1945, during which time over 6,000 non-pilot aircrew members graduated from the School. This memorial is dedicated to all who served at No. 4 B&GS, especially to those named on the back of this plaque, who lost their lives in the course of the duty at Fingal.


" I give them eternal life and they shall never perish." John 10:28

8 Dec 1940, Battle, 1650.
C2789 F/O L.A. Hood, (USA) Pilot
R78032 AC2 E.W. Bourne, Crewman
R71450 AC2 J.H. McNally, Crewman

23 Nov 1942, Lysander, 2332.
R116691 Sgt/Pilot R.C. Gray
R76059 CPL H.H. Hilchie, Drogue Operator

6 Jan 1943, Lysander, 1540.
F/Sgt E. Prentice, Pilot
CPL M.M. Nicholson, Drogue Operator

19 Oct 1943, Lysander, 2427.
WO2 M.T. Lavoie, Pilot
LAC L. Renaud, Drogue Operator

2 Dec 1943, Ground Accident,
R165966 Lac E.J. Deplanche

1 Aug 1944, Anson I, 6711
J442808 P/O K.M Joyce, Pilot
J44121 P/O T.H. Rees, Instructor
R149817 LAC S.C. Turner, R.A.A.F., Student

12 Aug 1944, Anson I, 6276.
R203152 SGT E.D. Hawkins
R209421 SGT R.D. Sharp

20 Jan 1945, Bolingbroke IV(T), 10019.
J29114 F/O J.D. Allan, Pilot
441609 Lac L.C.J. Watt, R.A.A.F., Student
8256F LAC W.T.F. Neville, R.A.A.F., Student

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