Lindsay Cenotaph
(Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula)


Miller Lake, Ontario

The site where this Monument was erected is known as Monument Corners. The name Monument Corners came about when the Cenotaph was erected in 1920 by the then Township of Lindsay (now the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula).

The property was donated to the township by the McLay family in early 1920.

The original Monument in the centre contains the names of residents of the township who were killed in action during the First World War.

At the end of the Second World War the township erected one Monument at each side of the original one. The Monument on the left contains the names of Lindsay residents who were killed during that war. On the right side are the names of World War I Veterans who have died since the end of World War I.

The additions were completed in early 1947. On August 21, 1947, Reeve Selby Forbes of Lindsay Township invited the general public as well as Bruce Peninsula Legion Branches to attend the unveiling service for these Monuments. The forth Monument in the front was added at a later date and contains the names of Lindsay Township residents who have died since the end of the First and Second World Wars.

On November 11, at 9:30am each year a service is held by The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #202 at the Cenotaph, with Legion members, Ladies Auxiliary, OPP who represent the Ontario Government as well as the Mayor of our Municipality and a very large number of residents of the area. This is followed at 11:00am with a service at the Cenotaph in Lion's Head and a church service at a local church.

The Cenotaph is maintained by the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.


The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula
In Memory Of Our
Honoured Dead
Of World War II
Ken C. McArthur
Milton McLay
Ernest Noble
John Pedwell
B. Isaac Pyke
Ralph Ward

Those Who Died
Lindsay MacDonald

In Memory of
Wm. Caldwell
Alex Germon
John A. McCallum
John McDonald

Who Fell In The Great
War Their NAme Liveth
For Evermore

In Memory Of Those
Who Died Since
Wilson Hayes
Chas. McArthur
Dan McArthur
Angus McArthur
Wm. McDonald
Chas. McLay
Norman Weatherhead
Oscar Winch
Samuel J. Hayes
Howard Boyle
William Burley
George Livingston
Murdock D.L. McLay
Murdock McLay
Crystal McArthur
Danial Smith
Murdock Smith
Archie Rouse
James Vickers
James Ward


Those who died since WWII
Kenneth S. Smith
Gordon McLay
Adam Smith
Norman McLay
James Wyonch
Howard Hofstrand
Daniel Wyonch
Cecil Hayes
Sterling Hayes
John Wyonch
Archie McArthur
Those who have died since WWI
Norman McDonald
Daniel Smith
Roderick Smith
Daniel McLay
Angus McLay
John Allan McLay
John T. Rouse
Hugh McArthur
Angus D. McArthur
Donald D. McLay

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