Royal Canadian Legion, Br. 183 Cenotaph
Kincardine, Ontario

Constructed in 1978 in memory of World War One and Two Soldiers, and of Korean War Soldiers who did not return home.

The Cenotaph is located at the legion branch. It was moved to its present location in 1978, having been originally located at the old branch property.

The following are the names on the War Memorial Cenotaph in Kincardine:

WWI 1914-1918
C. Buckingham
P. Bridge
N.D. Bell
C.W. Bell
R.D. Campbell
J.E. Dunlop
O.J. Daniel
W. Fraser
J.S. Finlayson
  G.H. Fyfe
E. Gossel
F. Knox
G. Knight
P.A. McPhail
D.H. McPhail
A.N. McPherson
E. Porter
D.C. Reynolds
  T.M. Sinclair
B. Stewart
E. Stewart
J.A. Stewart
J.L. Snowdon
G. Shewfelf
J.W. Moore
W.J. McConnell
T.G. Willis
  A.T. Whitham
W.E. Barber
H.M. MacLaren
C.E. Scott
J.M. Rowe
J.R. Watson
R. Hurford
J. Carroll
L. Carter
WWII 1939-1945
M. Alexander
G.M. Anderson
K. Clarke
W.G. Cobean
W. Davey
  F. Hall
R.H. Henry
E.C. Hopkins
A. Jennings
S. Kincaid
  H.D. Lough
D. Loveridge
J. Munro
N.S. MacDonald
D. McGraw
  J.C. MacLeod
G.C. Parkinson
M. Rowe
H. Welsh
Korean War 1950-1953


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