Gore Park Cenotaph

Gore Park, Hamilton, Ontario

Constructed on May 22, 1923, in memory of veterans who served in WWI, WWII and the Korean War.

The Cenotaph was a gift to the City of Hamilton from the Canadian Club of Hamilton and was dedicated to the Veterans of WWI, WWII and the Korean War on May 22, 1923, by the then Governor General of Canada, Lord Byng.


The Cenotaph in the Gore area was constructed during the winter of 1922-23. It is a replica of the British Cenotaph found in Westminster, London. The monument is fabricated out of a granite column, with a large stone shaped like a casket resting on top. On either side are two smaller columns, which have around them models of the fighting equipment of the Canadian soldier. On the original monument, the only words featured were, "Our Glorious Dead".

The Cenotaph was officially dedicated on May 23rd, 1923. Over 5,000 spectators were present to observe the ceremony which was lead by Canada'ís then Governor-General, Lord Byng of Vimy. The proceedings were begun with a short speech from A. R. Lancefield, president of the local Canadian Club.

The service was concluded by the Governor-General unveiling the Cenotaph, and the massed singing of the hymn, Abide With Me. After this was finished, over 500 bunches of flowers were laid around the monument.

J. Brian Henley
Hamilton Spectator, Nov. 10, 1986

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