Carleton Place Cenotaph-Memorial Park


Carleton Place, Ontario

After World War I, a Memorial Park commission was appointed by municipal by-law in 1920. The Monument was unveiled in 1924. The local Captain Hooper Chapter of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire was instrumental with the construction of the local Cenotaph in Memorial Park, which today is located beside the local library.

After World War II, in 1960, the two wings were added to the Cenotaph to honour those who gave their lives during the 1939-1945 War. In later years, the name of B. Foxton was added under the Korean Conflict. Recently, the titles of Nato and Peacekeeping were also added to the Cenotaph

Each year of November 11, local Veterans, dignitaries and the public gather to conduct the annual Remembrance Day Ceremony. Throughout the year, the Cenotaph grounds are maintained by public works staff, volunteers and members of the local Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Those of Carleton Place who paid the Supreme Sacrifice for their home and country in all past Wars are enshrined in the annals of Canadian history. We will remember them.


Nursing Sister - R. MacEachen

F. Abbott
R. Borland
C. Bryce
J.H. Brown
L. Campbell
Rev. J.H. Christie
L. Coor
T. Cummings
H. Dowdall
H. Eastwood
S.T. Edwards
Geo. Fanning
Wm. Fanning
R. Flegg
W. Fraser
F. Fumerton
Jas. Gorrod
W.J. Griffith
J. Hamilton
S. Hamilton
E. Hockenhull
A. Houston
D.C. Humphrey
R. Kellough
W. Lewis
A. McCaw
A. McDiarmid
H. McDiarmid
V. McDiarmid
N.R. McPhail
A. McPhee
N. McPhee
A. Moffatt
P. Moore
F. Murphy
C. O'Donovan
D. O'Donovan
W. Peever
T. Reynolds
J.R. Riddell
H.A. Robertson
Colin Sinclair
A. Simmons
Ralph Simpson
Ross Simpson
F. Trotman
A. Tuffs
Wm. Tyre
H. Utman
W. Wright


J.G. Bennett
J. Borland
W. Camelon
D.C. Cameron
R. Cavers
W.A. Costello
J.F. Cranston
F. Dray
B.H. Dunphy
G.A. Elliott
M. Fieldhouse
H.J. Findlay
M. Forbes
A.D. Garland
C.G.S. Hughes
W.R. Hughes
R.D. Irvine
R.G. James
F.E. Lancaster
G. Lewis
W. Loney
D.C. Maxwell
R.E. McFarlane
J.H. McKittrick
G.E. Morris
H. Murfitt
R.J. O'Meara
L. Patterson
W.H. Porter
E.E. Porteous
W.A. Porterfield
A.E. Prendergast
A.E. Prime
J.H. Pye
A.E. Rathwell
W.C.J. Reynolds
H.S. Savage
L.G. Scott
R.S. Stanzel
H. Stark
H.A. Stokes
D.A. Turner
W.A. Valley
J.S. Warren
R.W. White


B. Foxon

They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow

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