The Oyster Pond War Memorial

Oyster Pond War Memorial
Tangier, Nova Scotia

The War Memorial at Oyster Pond - Cecil Mitchell

In 1926, the Monument in Memory of our men who served in World War I was erected at the crossroads of the Main Highway and East Jeddore Road under the supervision of Nelson Webber of Oyster Pond.

The Promoters of this Monument Project were Seldon Webber, Josiah Mitchell, Elijah Mitchell, Reuben Mitchell and Cecil Mitchell. All members of the Orange Lodge approved of this Memorial. It was purchased from Alonzo Harpell. Captain Wallace and Elijah Mitchell were responsible for transporting it from Halifax to the Oyster Pond Government Wharf. When the "Iolanthe" docked at the wharf, men came from all around to help unload it because it was awkward and very heavy.

Of course, where was it to be placed? Each church denomination thought it should be erected near its cemetery. After a friendly discussion, it was decided to locate it at the crossroads. For many years, it was a landmark; however, when a new highway was built, it was moved to its present location, the former site of Fred and Thomas Stoddard's work shop.

In this picturesque setting, it is a credit to the Eastern Shore. Remembrance Day is more significant to the veterans and residents when they gather around this Memorial and see the names carved there.

Ex-Councillor Ronald Jennex is now responsible for the maintenance of this statue and the small park that surrounds it.

After World War II, the names of our men killed in action were written on a Plaque affixed to the Memorial.

Honour Roll:

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

Lest we forget:

World War I:
Roy Baker Capt. H.C. Mitchell
Victor Bowser B.H. Mitchell
Clarence Bowser Joseph Perry
Robert Day Dr. R.H. Stoddard
Benjamin Day William Slade
John Foley Seldon Webber
Roy Faulkner Nelson Webber
Sam Cox Arthur Webber
Frank Guild Nelson A. Webber
Judson Hartling Leonard Webber
Josiah Hartling Edward Webber
Thomas Hartling Earl Webber
Charles Hartling Hudson Webber
W.F. Hosking Morris Turple
Gordon Jennex
Robert Mitchell
Percy Mitchell
Capt. L.A Mitchell
Guy M. Mitchell

Killed in Action:

Ernest Arnold Amos Baker
Amos Mitchell Clarence Myers

Died In Active Service of World War II:

Harris Baker Weldon Kidson
Owen Baker Marven MacGregor
Melvin Bonn Harland Mitchell
Harland Hartlin Theodore Warnell
Isacc Hartlin Ralph Webber

Remembrance Day, November 11.

In many raids and battles, men realize that chances of returning are very slim. The fears of soldiers are never unfounded. After one officer had been killed in a daring raid, an operational order paper was found among his belongings. Across the top of it was written in a firm hand: "I go forward not knowing the thing which shall befall me, but I know in whom I believe." The unit commander was so impressed that, on every operation his men carried out after that, he saw to it that these words were printed across their orders. They became a comfort and guiding light to the brave men. May we never forget such courage!

     Many Canadians are buried in Flanders Field,
     They fought very bravely but would not yield;
     White crosses and poppies mark the spot,
     Where our men are sleeping, our Freedom they sought.

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