Springhill Soldiers' Monument

Springhill, Nova Scotia

Constructed in 1929 in memory and in honour of those belonging to Springhill, who gave their lives in the Great War.


The beautiful Soldiers' Monument was officially unveiled on August 4, 1929. The committee appointed to the project of getting a Soldiers' Monument consisted of: Joseph Potter, Bruce Hyatt, Harry Moore, Oscar Goldrich, Harry Slate r, Roach McKay, John Hannah, C.E. MacKenzie and William Cliffee. Giving much assistance and advice to this committee was Mr. R.B. Murray.


The total cost for the monument was $4,953.69. The total weight of the monument is 59 tons. Thirty-five tons of cement have been put into the foundation; the first two stones weigh four tons, the main stone weighs eight tons and the next one three and one-half tons. The wings weigh three tons each and the statue about two and a half tons. The work of construction was handled by J.A. Tingley and Company of Amherst.

The statue was made in Italy of Carrara Marble. It represents a Canadian soldier standing at the head of the grave of a comrade. The soldier's left hand rests upon the little wooden cross, his steel hat slung carelessly over his shoulder, his tunic open at the throat. A pose so characteristic of the soldier in a moment of quietness on the Western front as he gazes upon the grave of a pal. The expression which the sculptor has carved into that face of stone is one which the soldier in us can understand but no words of ours can describe; it is wonderful.

To Mrs Annie Goldrich, who gave three sons to the cause, fell the honour of unveiling the memorial. The guard stood at the present and Bugler Young sounded "Last Post".

The Springhill Record
Springhill, N.S.
Friday, August 9, 1929

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