Shubenacadie War Memorial


Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

It is doubtful if any community of its size in Canada acquitted itself more nobly in war work than did Shubenacadie, which gave its youth and money without stint and, at the end of the great conflict, did fitting honour to its 19 gallant dead by erecting a handsome granite and bronze monument, one of the best in the province.

The call for troops was answered quickly. In all, about 80 young men and three nurses went overseas.

Every appeal for money for war purposes received enthusiastic support.

When the great struggle was over and on the evening before the day set apart as National Peace Day, in July 1919, a great gathering was held at the exhibition grounds in the main building. With appropriate ceremony sixty heroic men and three brave nurses were each presented with a handsome gold watch as a slight token of the community's appreciation. This presentation is believed to have had no counterpart in all Canada. Following the ceremony, all sat down to a turkey supper, following which came an enjoyable dance. At sharp midnight, fireworks were set off and an enormous bonfire was lighted. Shubenacadie believes it was the first place in Canada to celebrate National Peace Day. It, apparently, stole a march on the rest of the country.

Later, the movement to erect a monument to the 19 gallant dead was started. The chairman of the committee having the matter in hand was Watson Smith and the secretary-treasurer was W.D. Bowers, manager of the Royal Bank. The monument cost about $5,000. It was unveiled this summer before an immense crowd. The granite base is surmounted by a life-size Canadian soldier in bronze, carrying a lighted torch. On the brass plate is the following inscription:

Lest We Forget
1914 - 1918
Forest C. Benner
Guy Brown
William A. Courtney
William H. Duff
William Dodd
Blanchard V. Gass
James Graham
Thomas Irving
Wilbert Larabee
Peter Maloney
Cleveland McCabe
Walter McKenzie
James E. Noble
George W. Robinson
R. Arthur Pentz
John A. Smith
James H. Sutherland
Haliburton Wallace
Reginald L. Wile
1939 - 1945
Arthur Brimicombe
Leo Cope
Allen A. Nelson
William R. Robb
A thur MacL. Taylor

The monument stands on the railway side of the main street, near the depot, on land 30 X 50 feet granted by the C.N.R. for the purpose. It is planned to build a low concrete wall about this land next year and put up concrete steps from the street.

In the matter of the war memorial, Shubenacadie has set a shining example to many larger communities.

- From local Shubenacadie paper, dated Thursday, November 16, 1921.

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