Royal Canadian Legion War Memorial
Port Maitland, Nova Scotia

Constructed in 1991 in memory of those Canadians who served in the wars for freedom and democracy.

The dedication wording on the monument is intended to be quite widely inclusive, especially to the memory of Canadians who served in World War I and World War II. The wording also includes such people as those who served in our wartime Merchant Marine, the Boer War, the Spanish Civil War (MacKenzie-Papineau Battalion), U.N. Peacekeepers, or as isolated an individual as a civilian female agent dropped behind enemy lines. Our definition of war includes such things as "conflict" in Korea and "police action" in Cyprus. Also, it does not rule out a person who joins the Canadian Armed Forces and is killed while in training.

History of Monument

Branch 143, Royal Canadian Legion, was founded in 1953.

In 1987, a memorial was suggested by the President, Walter Muise. The idea was taken up and it was estimated that something like $7,000 would be required to complete the project. A great lift was given the project when Comrade Warren C. Durkee bought a suitable parcel of land and donated it to the Port Maitland Legion. On Main Street, it is now known as Memorial Park.

Fund-raisers were started and the branch members all participated, as well a number of "civilians". To a great degree, it was a community effort. The Municipality of Yarmouth gave $1,000, the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union, Local Branch, donated $300.00; New Horizons Seniors donated $200.00; Bessie and Comrade Henry Churchill gave a quilt that raised $700.00; Comrade Clyde Bridgeo donated a couple hundred dollars and so did Comrade George Moses; and other Comrades gave various amounts. Carol Deveau helped with a fund-raiser dance and an auction; Brian Smith of Yarmouth Concrete and Gravel donated cement for the base and walk; Simon Deveau did the same for the flat stand; Jim Rose donated earth-moving work, and Comrade Staley Goodwin donated cement work.

The Memorial was unveiled in 1991 under the auspices of Branch President, Walter Muise, and the members of Branch 143. The occasion was open to the public, and the solemn occasion was attended by M.P., Colleen Campbell, and Municipal Warden, Robert Anthony. Since the unveiling in 1991, there have been Memorial Services, open to the public, on November 11th, each year.

Bill Crowell
Tom Cameron

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