Yarmouth Town and County War Memorial

Yarmouth Town and County War Memorial

405 Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

In November 1920, a banner headline in the Yarmouth Telegram read: "Local Council of Women Urge War Memorial", bringing the idea to construct a war memorial to the attention of everyone. A decision was made by the Town Council and a committee was appointed to proceed with the planning of a worthy memorial. In January, the tasks of collecting the money for the construction and of collecting the list of names to be inscribed on the monument began. At the time of the unveiling on June 9th, 1923, there were 173 names to be put on the monument and a sum of $10,272 had been collected.

A record was made of every man in Yarmouth County who fell, which included the date and place he was born, where he enlisted and where he died, and the brigade in which he was serving at the time of his death. A copy of this record was kept in a vault at the Court House.

Names of World War II and Korean War veterans were added later.

Unveiling of Yarmouth Town and County War Memorial, June 9th, 1923


Allen, A. Spencer
Allen, Trueman M.
Amirault, Ernest J.
Amirault, Landry
Amirault, Louis R.
Annable, Frederick M.
Bain, Joseph G.
Barryman, Percy A.
Bingay, L. Woolsey
Bishara, John
Blackadar, G.W. Lee
Blauvelt, Benjamin D.
Borden, Adelbert J.
Boudreau, John M.
Bourque, Emilien
Burgess, Arthur
Cann, G. Frank
Cann, James A.
Cann, Malcolm
Challoner, Joseph
Chipman, Nathan L.
Chisholm, Colin F.
Churchill, Nathan L.
Clairmont, Pierre
Clements, Elkanah E.
Clements, Simon
Corning, Frank L.
Cossar, Ralph A.
Crosby, Charles E.
Crosby, Keith B.
Crosby, T. Carl
Crowell, George
Crowell, Jonathan
Crowell, Thomas D.
Crowell, Thorpe D.
d'Entremont, Anselm
d'Entremont, Leo J.
d'Entremont, William A.
d'Entremont, William R.
Delaney, Hiram F.
Deveau, George E.
Dexter, James W.
Dixon, Ernest L.
Doane, James F.
Donahoe, John
Doucette, G. Alphonso
Doucette, Anthony
Doucette, Celestin
Doucette, Felix E.
Doucette, Simon
Doucette, Rene
DumPhy, Lawrence
Durkee, Charles H.
Eldridge, J. Harvey
Eldridge, Harry B.
Ellis, E. Ethal
Ewan, Thayne M.
Fitzgerald, Robert E.
World War I
Farish, George C.
Forbes, Frank L.
Foster, William H.
Foulis, George I.
Gardner, E. Stanley
Gates, F. Roy
Gayton, William A.
Giles, James H.
Giles, Matthew
Giles, Thomas
Goodwin, Caleb
Goodwin, Merton H.
Goodwin, Robert L.
Gordon, Albert
Gray, Colin C.
Greenough, John R.
Hamilton, Arthur R.
Harding, V. Lawrence
Harris, Louis
Hatfield, Arthur W.
Hatfield, George W.
Hemeon, Carl
Hemeon, Vance A.
Hersey, Adelbert
Hersey, Frank
Higby, Ivan V.
Hilton, Edward F.
Hubbard, George E.
Jeffery, Clement C.
Jeffery, Joseph B.
Jeffery, Amos R.
Jeffery, Sidney J.
Johnson, Alfred L.
Keen, Harold
Kehoe, Donald
King, Joseph E.
Kinney, Frank F.
Kohlier, Raymond
Lawrence, Louis
Lewis, Eugene M.
Long, T. Harold
Marshall, Ernest S.
Marshall, Lloyd H.
Matthews, Edgar K.S.
McGray, Benjamin H.
McLaughlin, Horace J.
Morine, Donald L.
Moses, George M.
Moses, William S.
Moulaison, John E.
Muise, Albert J.
Muise, John Alfred
Muise, Arthur
Muise, John E.
Muise, John F.
Muise, John R.
Muise, Nelson

Muise, Peter
Mullen, Edgar
Murree, Edward
Murree, Gordon S.
Murree, Henry S.
Murree, Ralph L.
Neitz, William H.
O'Brien, John K.
Panell, Chester
Perry, Osborne
Pierce, Douglas C.
Pothier, Cryste C.
Pothier, Walter
Powers, H. William
Price, George E.
Price, Kenneth
Purdy, C. Loran
Ricker, James A.
Robbins, Joseph
Roberts, Howard I.
Robinson, Richard B.
Rogers, Frank S.
Rogers, R. Lindsay
Roy, David W.
Roy, J. Henry
Ryder, Clayton
Saulnier, Irwin C.
Sanders, Clarence B.
Saunders, Raymond A.
Scott, Leonard W.
Simms, Wilfred S.
Sinclair, Jesse
Smith, Edgar J.
Smith, Harry
Smith, Lloyd
Smith, R. Leslie
Smith, Thomas W.
Spates, Vernell
Stingel, Charles E.
Stone, Thomas W.
Studley, Enoch
Suttie, Ray D.
Suttie, J. Harold
Sweeney, George
Sweeney, Tracey T.
Taylor, Howard W.
Titus, William
Travis, Gordon R.
Tupper, Nursing Sister A.
Turnball, George A.
Vickery, Alexander J.
Walsh, G. William
Walsh, J. Clarence
Weddleton, Walter F.
Whitman, George R.
Williams, J. Lewis
Woolard, Edwin
Wyman, Wilfred A.

Adams, George M.
Allen, Carl W.
Amirault, Albert M.
Amirault, Alphie B.
Amirault, Edwin
Amiro, Irvin V.
Babine, Joseph L.
Bell, James L.
Bellman, Wilson
Beveridge, Malcolm S.
Blanchard, Philip
Boudreau, Andre G.
Boudreau, Gerald C.
Boudreau, John J.
Boudreau, Percy J.
Boudreau, Robert F.
Bourque, Douglas J.
Brittain, Malcolm H.
Brittain, Paul H.
Burke, Joseph G.
Cann, Malcolm A.
Canty, Malcolm A.
Churchill, Bruce W.
Comeau, D. Edward
Comeau, Gordon A.
Cook, Donald W.
Cosman, Nathan W.
Cottreau, Louis G.
Cromwell, Percy C.
Deveau, Joseph W.
Doane, Murray T.
Doucette, Edward
Doucette, Harry W.
Doucette, James T.
Doucette, Joseph E.
Doucette, Louis
Dunn, Douglas C.
Durling, David
D'Entremont, Joseph F.
Fitzgerald, Leonard G.
Foote, David B.
Forbes, Percy D.
Grant, Freeman H.
Grant, William H.
World War II
Gullison, Frederick E.
Hacking, David B.
Hamilton, Donald G.
Hamilton, James L.
Harrington, Raymond N.
Harris, John L.
Hatfield, Arthur
Hatfield, Jack E.
Hattie, John E.
Hattie, J. Sherman
Hayes, Raymond A.
Hemeon, Kenneth S.
Higbv, Kenneth
Hilton, Thomas B.
Holden, William D.
Horton, Arthur J.
Hubbard, John E.
Hubbard, P. Henry
Jacquard, Angus J.
Jenkins, Wentworth G.
Kenney, Harold A.
Kenney, Norman H.
Killam, Charles W.
King, James B.
LaFave, J. Albert
Larkin, Francis M.
Leblanc, Paul V.
Lent, Donald H.
Lewis, George M.
McKenna, William F.
Melanson, Ernest
Millard, Thomas
Miller, Earl
Moores, Douglas K.
Moulaison, Melbourne
Muise, Arthur
Muise, Henry
Muise, James R.
Muise, Mary M.
Muise, Victor A.
Muise, William J.
Nickerson, Gordon S.
Nickerson, Osborne
Nickerson, Otis K.

O'Hanley, Charles B.
O'Neil, J. Pervin
Parker, Harold F.
Pothier, Bourneuf E.
Pothier, Charles L.
Rattee, G. Neil
Raynard, Stanley W.
Robicheau, Percy J.
Rogers, Charles W.
Rose, Irvin C.
Rose, Malcolm R.
Ross, John A.
Sears, Harold M.
Sisco, Stillman E.
Skinner, Lloyd N.
Sollows, I. Steen
Spinney, Hugh T.
Star, Joseph
Surette, Arthur J.
Surette, George A.
Sweeney, Byron L.
Sweeney, Kenneth H.
Taylor, Charles W.
Thurston, Howard F.
Trefry, Ernest F.
VanAmburg, James A.
Vickery, O'Leslie
Ward, James R.
White, Arnold C.

1930's Postcard of Yarmouth Town and County War Memorial

Korean War
Goodwin, Elwin Herman

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