Merchant Navy Memorial

Merchant Navy Memorial

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Constructed to commemorate World War I, World War II and the Korean Conflict.

It was dedicated on November 11, 1993, sponsored by the Canadian Merchant Navy Association and assisted by the Armed Forces. On October 22, 1993, the Merchant Navy Memorial was mounted at Sackville Landing, Halifax. It was sponsored by the Canadian Merchant Navy Association with donations from Canadians. The significance of the memorial is that it honors the memory of thousands of Canadians who volunteered their service and lives for their country in wartime, which occurred half a century ago. The Merchant Navy provided a vital role in the Allied success of World War II, by carrying troops, food, fuel, and war supplies overseas to the armed forces and civilian population.

The black rectangle-shaped African granite monument on a gray granite base is nearly six feet long, four and a half feet high and weighs over 5,000 pounds. Both sides are engraved with various marine symbols. Conspicuous is the S.S. Point Pleasant Park, a 10,000-ton Parkship, built in Canada and torpedoed off the coast of West Africa in World War II. "Canada" is in large block letters. "Mother Earth" in upper right corner is depicted by a six inch terrestrial sphere, displaying North and South America, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Canadian Merchant Navy insignia, worn in wartime as a lapel pin, is in the upper left corner. Both official languages describe the memory of 2,200 known Canadian Merchant Seamen and 91 Canadian vessels lost by enemy action and those who served in World War I, World War II, and the Korean conflict. Two anchors at bottom corners depict a destroyed vessel at rest on the ocean floor. A rope border inside the perimeter represents the continuity of seamanship and the marine profession. Engraved in the rear is a similar rope and then names of 24 Canadian vessels lost in World War I and 67 vessels lost in World War II.

A time capsule, a 3" x 12" insulated cylinder, containing various items is fitted inside a stainless steel vacuum sealed four inch pipe. Contents include Senate Report "It's Almost Too Late", letters from three levels of government, C.M.N.A. membership, a set of 1993 Canadian coins, M.N. Report, copy of "Red Duster" and front page of the Chronicle Herald, September 23, 1993.

Captian E. Wagner designed the memorial. Professor Horst Deppe produced the drawings. Commander Tony and Jane Law were artistic consultants. Heritage Monuments, Windsor, Nova Scotia, manufactured the memorial.

On November 11, 1993, Merchant Navy Memorial remember and honor all those men and women who served their country in World War II. The special significance is the memory of 2,200 known Canadian Merchant Seamen and 91 Canadian vessels lost by enemy action and those who served in the cause of freedom, commemorating wars of this century.

Merchant Navy Memorial
Merchant Navy Memorial, Front View

World War I
1914 - 1918

Schr C.M. Walters
Schr L.C. Tower
Schr E.B. Walters
Schr Uda A. Saunders
Schr Pasadena
Schr Gloaming
Schr Potentate
Schr Verna D. Adams
Schr Elsie Porter
Schr Minas Queen
Schr St. Olaf
Schr Harry W. Adams
Schr Perce'
SS Dundee
Schr Mayola
Schr Thomas
Schr Willena Gertrude
Schr Lucille M. Schnare
Schr Dorfontein
Schr Industrial
SS Empress Fort Wm.
SS D.A. Gordon
SS Luz Blanca
SS Freshfield

World War II
1939 - 1945

SS Erik Boye
SS Magog
SS Waterloo
SS Thorold
SS Kenordoc
SS St Malo
SS Trevisa
SS Maple Court
SS Canadian Cruiser
SS A.D. Huff
SS J.B. White
MV Canadolite

SS Portadoc
MV Europa
SS Collingdoc
MV Vancouver Island
SS Shinai
SS Lady Hawkins
MV Montrolite
SS Empress of Asia
MV Victolite
SS George L. Torian
SS Lennox
SS Sarniadoc
SS Robert W. Pomeroy
SS Vineland
SS Jasper Park
SS Watuka
SS Lady Drake
SS Mont Louis
MV Calgarolite
SS Torontodoc
SS Troisdoc
SS Frank B. Baird
SS Liverpool Packet
MV Nipiwan Park
MV Lucille M.
SS Prescodoc
SS Fort St. Nicholas
SS Donald Stewart
SS Lord Strathcona
SS John A. Holloway
SS Oakton
SS Norfolk
SS Carolus
SS Bic Island
SS Rosecastle
SS Chr J. Kampmann
SS Angelus
Schr James E Newsom
Schr Mildred Pauline
SS Albert C. Field
SS Cornwallis
SS Pt. Pleasant Park
SS Taber Park
SS Avondale Park
SS Lady Nelson

Schr Mona Marie
SS Fort Bellingham
SS Fort Athabasca
SS Princess Marquerite
SS Fort Missanabie
SS Fort Norfolk
SS Fort Maisonneuve
SS Fort Fidler
SS Fort MacPherson
SS Fort Glouchester

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