Soldiers' Monument
Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Constructed on May 24, 1923 in loving memory of our brave men of this district who laid down their lives.

The monument is situated in the center of the Town of Mahone Bay. Roads from Halifax, Bridgewater and Lunenburg, all meet at the monument.

The Remembrance Day services are all held there.

Even though the monument was erected and paid for by the citizens of the town, the Mahone Bay Royal Canadian Legion Branch #49 cleans and maintains it.

It is placed in loving memory of our brave men of this distract who laid down their lives, and in Honor of all who served and grateful appreciation of the valiant service of all who offered themselves for King and Country in the defense of the great cause of Truth, Justice and Liberty in the Great War of 1914 - 1918.

It was designed by Rev. Canon E.A. Harris, Rector of St. James Parish, Rural Dean of Lunenburg, and was executed, carved and erected, according to his plans by Mr. A.T. Dauphnee of the Shelburne Granite Works.

Its massive rough hewn base of granite reminds us of the strong and hardy character of Nova Scotia's sons. Resting on this Stone of Remembrance polished on all four sides. Bearing the inscriptions and names of the Honored Dead, reminds us of the beauty of character that under the refining process of God's Providence can be worked up from the rough ashlar, and we remember that in this case our heroes have been refined amid the awful fires of war.

And the great Cross, surmounting it all, tells us of the real inspiration of their heroic bravery and unselfish love, and the unending triumph of all Sacrifices for Right and Truth.

It is the Celtic Cross, the cross of the old Scottish Race so appropriate for our New Scotland and our N.S. Highlanders. The Circle of Eternity is around its arms, but on it are not the Runic devices of olden time but symbols that speak to us of the late great strife. On the face of the Cross is boldly carved the mighty sword not of violence or conquest or of mere might, but that of Justice piercing the head of the Serpent that writhes about it. Guile and injustice and brutal force strove for the mastery, but the God of Justice gave the victory to us. Underneath the motto that we need.


On the Reverse of the Cross is carved a burning torch and underneath the motto.


When the heroes fell with their faces to the foe, the light of their torches did not die, they flung a challenge to us; their great Example of Unselfish bravery bids us carry on and make Truth prevail over all kinds of wrong.

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