Port Hawkesbury Cenotaph


Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

The Port Hawkesbury Cenotaph was reconstructed and moved in 1976, in memory of War Veterans from World War I, World War II, and Korea.

A History of the Cenotaph:

A memorial to fallen comrades was erected in Port Hawkesbury in the early thirties by Mr. A.J. Langley Senior who, as Mayor at the time, was unable to finance it through the town and subsequently financed the project personally. He dedicated it to those who served in World War I and those who came from the Port Hawkesbury area.

A second memorial, The Port Hawkesbury Cenotaph, was erected by the Town following World War II and was inscribed to Veterans from both wars. It was situated on the left of the entrance to the Town Hall on Granville Street. When the Town Hall was abandoned in 1976 the Cenotaph was moved by the Town to its present site on Reeves Street, facing the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 43.

Apart from the annual Remembrance Day service on November 11th, the Cenotaph is central to several other functions including flag days, wartime anniversary events, and in May 1999 it played a role in the 44th Provincial Biennial Convention at which Lt. Gov. James Kinley presided and took the salute from several hundred marching veterans. The 1999 Remembrance Day service will long be remembered when low temperatures, high winds and hail necessitated an abrupt end to activities due to the threat of frostbite to school band members and others present. It was also a milestone when the 2-minute silence was re-introduced.

Names inscribed on the Cenotaph:

World War I (Those who gave the supreme sacrifice) 1914-1918

John Dowling, W.H. Dowling, George Embree, Dr. Thornton Embree, Angus Gillis, Alexander MacDonald, D.A. MacDonald, Dr. T. Howard MacDonald, John MacPherson, William B. Martin, Jeremiah Philpott, James M. Ryan, Frank Whitehead.

World War I (As they appear on the Cenotaph) 1914-1918

John George, J.H. MacDonald, P.H.J. MacKinnon, Dr. A.N. Chisholm, Dr. J.C. Trainor, C.W. Lelacheur, A.J. Smith, Alex Smith, John D. MacDonald, Ernest W. Maccully, George W. Martin, Thomas D. Stapleton, Hugh Philpott, Roderick Gillis, John J. Bourniot, Campbell Dowling, William Matheson, Frederick W. Hennessey, Charles MacDonald, Allan Grant, George Reeves, Calvin Embree, Hugh D. Gillis, John Dowling, Frank Whitehead, George W. Embree, John Macpherson, William B. Martin, Jeremiah Philpott, D. Thorton Embree, Alexander MacDonald, Dr. T. Howard MacDonald, D.A. MacDonald, Angus Gillis James M. Ryan, W.H. Dowling, Bernard W. Hart, R.J. MacDougal, Herbert Embree, James D. MacDonald, Alexander Maceachern, John L. Baillieu, Dr. Harry MacDonald, Abraham Macintosh, Douglas B. Dowling, H. Wainright Walker, Colin A. Dickson, Thomas N. Warner, John Rankin, Clarence Duff, Hugh Macneil.

World War II (Those who gave the supreme sacrifice) 1939-1945

William Embree, John A. Kennedy, Douglas MacDonald, Rev N.R. MacSween, Albert Philipott, Henry Reynolds.

World War II (As they appear on the Cenotaph)

William Embree, Douglas MacDonald, Rev N.R. Macsween, Albert Philpott, Henry Reynolds, John A. Kennedy, Roy Baillieu, Ernest Beaton, Charles T. Cass, Harding Cameron, Karl Cameron, John Cameron, Joseph Chisholm, Griffin Chisholm, Malcom Garland, Charles Carrigan, John Davis, Don Davis, William Davis, Farquhar Dowd, Gerald Embree, Arthur Embree, Wilbur Embree, Freeman Embree, Ainslie Embree, Alica Embree, Graeme Gagnon, John George, Gregory Gillis, Donald Gillis, Rod Gillis, Charles Goodwin, Anna M. Graham, Basil Hennessey, L.W. Hudson, George Johnson, Percy King, Frank Kennedy, Julia M. King, Ellis Langley, Harry Langley, David Langley, Martin Langley, Bain Langley, James Langley, John Lamey, Alex Lamey, Paul Lamey, Ernest Lalacheur, Allan MacDonald, J.F. MacDonald, William MacDonald, Earl MacDonald, Bruce MacDonald, Howard MacDonald, Anthony MacDonald, Lawrence MacDonald, Alex MacDonald, J.J. MacDonald, H.J. MacDonald, Francis MacDonald, John H. MacDonald, D. MacDougall, John M. Macinnis, Duncan Macinnis, Dan H. Macinnis, Dan J. Macinnis, Alex Macinnis, H.G. Macinnis, John King, Alex Macissac, Francis Macissac, Earl Macissac, Ronald Macissac, Henry Macissac, Charles MacIntosh, Dr. H. Macleod, Dr. Maclean, Joseph MacMaster, Kaye MacMaster, Hugh MacMaster, Ronald MacMaster, Hiram Malcom, Gordon Malcom, John E. Malcom, John Meisner, H. Morrison, Dr. J.A. Muir, Gladys Murray, Mona Murdoch, Clifford Owen, Morris O'Hara, John Reynolds, Allan Ryan, James Ryan, Josey Ryan, Joseph Ryan, Anthony Ryan, Leonard Ryan, Joyce Ryan, Harold Ryan, Bernard Ryan, Clifford Sallows, Chester Smith, Robert Thompson, Clifford Williams, Norman Warner, Peter Warner, George Warner, George West, Harold Woods.

Korea 1950-1953

James S. Embree, John H. Embree, Harold H. Warner.

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