Chester War Memorial

Chester War Memorial

Chester, Nova Scotia

This magnificent statue of a Nova Scotia Highland soldier was unveiled on August 4, 1922. Constructed in memory of 54 men who laid down their lives from this area in World War I. The design and cast were the gift of the famous Scottish sculptor, J. Massey Rhind.

The Plaque and Bronze Figure, costing $2,050, were cast in New York. The base and steps of the Monument were cut from one stone boulder (granite), the work having been done by Wakefield Zinck.

The names of the Memorial Committee who were instrumental in securing the tribute to the memory of the fallen heroes are: Cottnam Smith, Chairman; Mrs. Franklyn Freda, Secretary; J.H. Strong, Treasurer; Rev. N.C. McCarthy; Dr. Clara Olding Hebb; Dr. A.M. Hebb; Grover Cole; Owen Evans; J. Roy Hennigar; Carroll Manning; Orvil Redden; Mrs. Douglas Mills; Mrs. Frank Mitchell; Miss Hattie Brown and Miss Emma Mason.

The proceedings commenced at 2:30 o'clock. Following a band selection "The Maple Leaf" and the invocation pronounced in feeling terms by the Rev. Clarence Mackinnon. Mr. A.S. Barnstead, Deputy Provincial Secretary, acting for Premier Murray who was unavoidably absent, thanked the committee for the honor they had done him in asking him to speak on this occasion. The monument, while it would be a thing of beauty, and pleasing to the eye was more than mere stone and bronze. It would be a symbol to the present and to future generations -- a symbol of the sacrifice which those whose names were inscribed thereon, had made in order that their kinsfolk might retain their liberty. The world would never forget their sacrifice, yet it was well that in each community there should be some outward and visible sign to reawaken in coming generations that homage which was their just due.

The actual ceremony of unveiling was brief, but, by its very briefness dramatic in its intensity. The flags which had up till then hid the figure were drawn away by two returned soldiers, both of whom bore on their bodies honorable scars, inflicted in battle. They were Ralph E. Hennigar and Karl Mills, the latter the possessor of the 1915 star and one of the first to enlist. Following the unveiling Dr. A.L. Anderson, rendered a vocal solo, "O Canada," in the chorus of which the concourse of people joined.

After the unveiling of the statue, the speeches were made by Mr. J. Massey Rhind, the sculptor and benefactor; Mr. William Duff, M.P. of Lunenburg; and Rev. Clarence Mackinnon of Halifax.

After a selection by the Band, "O Canada," the formal presentation of the statue to the Municipality by Chairman Cottman Smith, took place. He briefly reviewed the history of the committee and named some of those who had taken a particularly prominent part in the realization of the memorial.

... In a few brief words, Councillor C.A. Cole, on behalf of the Municipality, accepted the statue. The benediction was then pronounced by Rev. Clarence Mackinnon, after which followed "God Save the King," and the sounding of the Last Post, by Bugler Basketfield, of the R.C.G.A. This impressive feature concluded the proceedings.

Chester War Memorial

The names engraved on the tablets

World War I 1914 - 1918

George Bardwell
Neil Brown
Maurice Chase
Frank Cleveland
James Dauphinee
Charles Graves
Creighton Hatt
Frank Hilchey
Rodney Lantz
Philip Manning
Harris Meisner
Timothy Murphy
Clyde Nauss
William Pulsifer
Edward Rafuse
Malcolm Smith
Robert Smith
Zenus Weagle
William Whitford
Arden Morash
New Ross
Capt. Vincent P. Murphy
Lieut. Orrin Lantz
Harlan Brown
Peter DeAdder
William Harris
Frank Hiltz
R.A. Hiltz
Reginald H. Hatchison
O. Keddy
Frank Keddy
Allen Levy
David McDow
Harold McGarry
Delbert Meister
Otis Meister
William Reece
Elder T. Reece
William Skerry
Herbert Veinot
Dean White
Franklyn Cleveland
Gordon Cleveland
   ---    Cleveland
George Murphy
Adolphus Zinck

Mill Cove
Edgar Coolen
Reuben Coolen
   ---    Jollymore

Chester Basin
Lieut. Geo. MacGregor
Lawrence Corbin

Gold River
Frederick Hatt
Theophilus Sawler

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