Bear River War Memorial
Bear River, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.

Dedicated in November 1932, in memory of all service personnel who served in the 1914-1918 War.

The War Memorial, erected under the auspices of the Bear River Woman's Institute, took several years and many hours of hard work by the ladies involved. Every November 11th, a special Remembrance Service has been held, with placement of wreaths. The Monument is kept in good repair by the Bear River Legion Branch #22. In 1996, the Rebekah's organization donated $10,000 for future upkeep.

  In the late 70s, the Cenotaph was turned over to Bear River Legion Branch #22, who started to make plans to have the veterans of the 2nd World War installed, along with the other 1st World War veterans.

After several years of study, it was decided not to alter the existing stone work but place a bronze plaque on the top to honour all veterans of the 2nd World and Korean Wars. This was dedicated in 1986. Three years later, a bronze plaque listing the names on the Honour Roll for both Wars was installed at the bottom; a photo is included showing the Cenotaph at the present time.


Leslie Anthony
Arnold Banks
Roy Brinton
John Harris
Fred Morgan
Harold Morgan
Eldon Morine
Victor Morine
Donald Morine
Douglas McCormick
Curtis Yorke
Ralph Yorke
Fred O. Purdy
Valentine Robbins
Le Roi Vanbuskirk
Goege Wentzell

  HONOUR ROLL 1939-45

Glendon Alcorn
Harry Banks
Maurice Balcolm
Edward Chalmers
George Curphey
Richard Ellis
Roy Gehue
Arthur Green
Harold Isles
Stuart Jaquest
Norman Maling
Raymond Pine
Elwood Stevens
Henry Woodman
Harry E. Wright

These made the Supreme Sacrifice:

Anthony, Leslie, Pte.
Banks, C. Arnold, Pte.
Brinton, Roy, Sgt. L.
Harris, John B., Sgt.
Morgan, Fred B., Sgt.
Morgan, Harold A., Pte.
Morine, Eldon, Pte.
Morine, Victor C., Pte.
  Morine, Donald L., Pte.
McCormick, Douglas L., Pte.
Purdy, Fred O., Corpl.
Robbins, Valentine, Pte.
Vanbuskirk, L., Lieut., ROC. RAF.
Wentzell, George O., Pte.
Yorke, Ralph, Pte.
Yorke, Curtis, M., Cpl.

These also served:

Alcorn, Ralph K., Pte.
Alcorn, Murray, Pte.
Alexander, M. Burpee, Lieut.
Anthony, Kenneth, W., Pte.
Andrews, Frank A., Sgt.
Balcom, Howard, Pte.
Banks, Alfred V., Sgt.
Banks, Oakley J., Pte.
Benson, Harold, J., Pte.
Benson, Gordon, C., Sgt.
Benson, George, Pte.
Benson, Harry L., Pte.
Bell, G. Edgar, Pte.
Berry, Reginald, D., Pte.
Brinton, Lyle, Pte.
Buckler, Roscoe, Pte.
Brown, Walter, Pte.
Chute, Noble, Pte.
Coombs, Frank L., Pte.
Copeland, Clifford, C. Sgt.
Clarke, Ira W., 2nd Lieut. RFC
Crabb, Charles, Corpl.
Coumans, Robert, Pte.
Cosby, Reginald, Pte. Am. Army
Davis, Murray, Pte.
Dunn, Ralph, Pte.
Evertt, Aubrey, Pte.
Francis, Herbert A.
Freeman, John W.
Freeman, George W., Corpl.
Glode, Newell, Pte.
Glode, Joseph M., Pte.
Glode, Samuel, Corpl.
Hancock, Thomas, Pte.
Harris, Joseph, Pte.
Harris, Garnet W., Lieut.
Harris, Vernon, Sgt.
Harris, Fred C., Sgt.
Harris, Wallace V., Pte.
Hanshaw, LeRoy, Lieut.
Hanshaw, Clarence V., Pte.
Hanshaw, Egbert, Pte.
Hirtle, Reginald G., Sgt.
Hirtle, Kenneth A., Pte.
Isles, Arthur Max, Pte.
Isles, Boyd, J., 2nd Lieut.
Irving, Leonard, Pte.
Jones, William, Lieut.
Jones, Cecil E., Corpl.
Jones, Vernon, Chief E.R.A. of R.A.
Jefferson, Reginald L., Corpl.
Kennedy, George W.L., Corpl.
Kennedy, Fred G., Pte.
Larrimore, John
Langley, Herbert, Pte.
Lent, Leslie, Pte.
Lent, Carl R., Pte.
Marshall, Fred H., Pte.
Mason, Harry, Pte.
Mason, Reece, Pte.
Morgan, Chester, Pte.
Morgan, William, Pte.
Morgan, Elmer, Capt.
Morgan, Milton G., Pte.
Morine, Walter R., Sgt.
Morine, Kenneth, Pte.
Morine, William, Pte.
Muise, John, Pte.
McEwan, John, N., Pte.
McCormick, Ira E., Pte.
McCormick, Ross E., Pte.
McCormick, Earle H., Pte.
Nicholl, John L., Pte.
Nicholl, Paul D., Pte.
Purdy, Ronald
Paul, Phillip N., Pte.
Peck, Charles H., Sgt.
Peck, Willard B., Pte.
Pictou, Joseph, Pte.
Porter, Kenneth, Pte.
Rice, Roy R., Pte.
Rice, Harold D., Pte.
Reade, Stuart, Pte.
Rice, Leslie E., L. Corpl.
Rice, H., Clifford, Lieut., RFC
Rice, George E., Lieut., RFC
Rice, Fred M., Pte.
Rice, Freeman, Pte.
Rice, Vernon, Pte.
Rice, Reginald O., Pte.
Rice, Willard G., Pte.
Rice, Fred A., Pte.
Rosencrantz, Lloyd, Pte.
Ruggles, Walter T., Capt.
Russell, Joseph O., Pte.
Rice, Herbert L., Pte.
Ruggles, Gordon, Pte.
Simpson, Roy R.
Shaw, Thomas, Pte.
Snell, Lawrence L., Pte.
Stewart, Evertt C., Pte.
Smith, Murray, Pte.
Terreau, Frank, Pte.
Tupper, Jordon, Corpl.
Vanbuskirk, Frank, Pte.
Wilkins, Samuel, Pte.
Wright, William J., Lieut.
Wright, Clyde M., Pte.
Yarrigle, Roscoe
Yorke, Howard, Pte.
Yorke, Dimocke, Pte.

Approximate Replica of the Samuel Vetch Memorial

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