Antigonish World War One Cenotaph
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Constructed in Oct./Nov., 1937 in memory of the fallen W.W.I. veterans.

The World War One Cenotaph at Antigonish is located at the Federal Building Grounds, Main St. It was previously located at the intersection of St. Ninian St. and Main St., West end of town. It was built on the above location in October/November of 1937 and was unveiled on November 11, 1937.

The material used in its construction was a North Grant (Antigonish County) sandstone. It is a plain obelisk, 17 feet high, tapering to a pointed cap, designed and completed by F.W. Arsenault. The concrete base was put in and donated by the MacDonald Construction Company, Halifax, N.S. On three sides of the monument are black granite slabs on which the names of the dead were carved by W.T. Dalton, Shelburne. On the North side is an inscription composed by Miss K.M. MacDonald, Teacher in England at Morrison High School (1937).

It was after a great deal of searching through old newspapers that I came up with this information. I can definitely say that it was the people of Antigonish and surrounding areas that donated to the fund toward the building of the Cenotaph in the town of Antigonish.

There is even reference to a committee of Canadian ex-servicemen in greater Boston (as the paper reads) staging a social evening in Brighton, the proceeds to go to the fund being raised to pay for the war memorial begin erected here (Antigonish). "This will give an opportunity for natives of Antigonish Town and County in Metropolitan Boston to help provide a monument to those who lost their lives in the Great War."

John P. Mac Eachern
President, Arras Branch No. 59
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

War Dead as listed on the Cenotaph in Antigonish


Pte. Roland Ash
Pte. Norman Ash
Pte. Hugh J. Boyd
Pte. Rod Chisholm
Pte. Norman Morris
Pte. Abrose Boyle
Pte. John A. MacNeil
Pte. Wendell Hattie
Pte. Colin F. Chisholm
Drv. Robert Devanney
Pte. John MacPherson
Pte. Dan W. MacDonald
Lt. Alexander O'Brien
Spr. John D. MacDonald
Pte. Colin MacEachern
Pte. Ambrose Levangie
Pte. Alan R. MacDonald
Pte. Alexander Fougere
Pte. Simon James Benoit
Pte. Warren MacEachern
Pte. John A. MacGillivrary
Pte. Clarence P. Stewart
Pte. John Joseph Tramble
Pte. Alexander MacDonald
Pte. Joseph Bernard Gillis
Pte. Angus Joseph MacLean
Major Edward Chrisholm,
DSO, MC & Bar
Pte. Henry Kirk
Pte. Alex Landry
Pte. Thomas McKenna
Sgt. Neil Morrison
Pte. John Chisholm
Pte. Howard Nichols
Pte. Raymond Decoste
Pte. William Jackson
Pte. Harker MacGregor
Gnr. Douglas Stewart
Cpl. Nicholas Delory
Sgt. John D. MacDonald
Pte. Duncan MacDonald
Pte. John MacGillivrary
  Pte. William A. Rogers
Gnr. Benjamin Levangie
Sgt. L. MacDonald, DCM
L. Cpl. Dan MacGillivrary
Sgt. John C. MacEachern
Pte. Angus A. MacDonald
Capt. Fielding MacIsaac
Pte. Ronald W. MacDonald
Pte. Roderick MacDougall
Pte. Dan V. MacDonald, MM
Capt. Roderick MacDonald
Pte. Alexander Chisholm
Pte. Alexander MacPherson
Pte. James Ambrose MacLean
Pte. John Grant
Pte. Frank Bouche
Cpl. Lewis Fraser
Pte. David Decoste
Pte. James Bernard
Pte. Thomas Decoste
Pte. Hugh MacLellan
Bdr. William A. Grant
Pte. William A. Henry
Pte. Dan A. MacDonald
Pte. Stephen MacNeil
L.Cpl. J. Arthur Grant
Pte. Hugh D. MacDonald
Pte. John L. MacDonald
Lt. Angus D. MacDonald
Pte. Donald MacDonald
Pte. Ambrose Chisholm
Cpl. Daniel A. Chisholm
Spr. John A. MacPherson
Pte. William Mansfield
Pte. Rod Wm. MacDougall
Pte. Colin F. MacDougall
Pte. Thomas MacEachern
Pte. Vincent MacEachern
Pte. John Angus Boudreau
Pte. Charles W. MacMillan
Pte. Dougald MacGillivrary
Pte. Sydney Garfield Swain
Pte. Moses Everett Delorey

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