Nine Mile River Monument


Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia

Constructed in memory of James B. MacPhee and Erwin W. Fraser M.M.

James B. MacPhee
Killed at Amiens
Aug. 8th, 1918

Erwin W. Fraser M.M.
Killed at Arras
Sept. 25th, 1918

1914 - 1919
To Our Brave Boys In France


Constructed in memory of Private Wendel C. Parker and Private Earle F. Tanner.

Private Wendel C. Parker of the Nova Scotia Highlanders
Killed at Bienan, Germany March 25, 1945. Aged 20 years.

Private Earle F. Tanner of the West Nova Scotia Regiment
Died in England February 10, 1943. Aged 26 years.

1939 - 1945

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