Echoes of Valour

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Echoes of Valour Sculpture
Route 220, St. Lawrence Highway,
St. Lawrence, Newfoundland

The Echoes of Valour memorial was approved by the Newfoundland and Labrador Health and Safety Association and the Provincial Department of Labour as a worker's memorial (civilian and military). The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour has also approved this Cenotaph as a worker's memorial for Newfoundland and Labrador
On February 18, 1942, two U.S. Navy ships, the U.S.S. Truxtun and the U.S.S. Pollux, heading to the U.S. Naval Base in Argentia, Newfoundland, were caught in a violent Atlantic storm and shipwrecked off the coastline of southern Newfoundland at Chambers Cove and Lawn Point. Prospects were dim for the sailors until one sailor from the U.S.S. Truxtun managed to reach Iron Spring Mine, St. Lawrence. The miners rushed to the scene risking their lives on ice-covered cliffs and in the raging sea, and managed to save 186 of the US sailors. Despite the courageous and heroic acts displayed by these men, 203 American sailors lost their lives.

Fluorspar was first discovered on the west side of St. Lawrence Harbour in 1843. Commercial mining began in 1928, with the first ore being extracted in 1933. The shafts at Iron Springs Mine eventually reached 970 feet. It was down in the shafts that radiation first began to take its toll on the miners. The miners were also subjected to constant dust which filled their lungs and, along with the lack of oxygen in the shafts, caused them great difficulty in breathing. Many of the miners got sick with tuberculosis and more with lung cancer. By the 1950's, when the issue was brought to the attention of the Department. of Health, it was already too late for the hundreds of miners who had been exposed for so long to the deadly radon gas.

Echoes of Valour
Dedicated to the victims of the mining
industry in St. Lawrence, to the sailors
who tragically died in the U.S.S. Truxtun
& U.S.S. Pollux disaster on
February 18, 1942 at Chambers Cove and
Lawn Point, and to the remembrance of
the valiant men who fought and died for
our freedom during World Wars.
August 2, 1992
Echoes of Valour Plaque Inscription

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