The Newfoundland Airmen's Memorial

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North Atlantic Aviation Museum, Gander, Newfoundland.

Constructed in 1996 in memory of all Newfoundland Airmen who lost their life while serving with the Allied Air Forces in World War II (1939-1945).

Monument consists of a series of seven black granite slabs. They are as follows (left to right):

Slab 1: Contains the Airmen's Prayer. The RCAF crest is engraved on the top.
Slabs 2,3,5,6: Carry the names of the 187 Airmen and one Airwoman who lost their lives during WWII. The slabs are each engraved with four well-known aircraft of World War II:
- Slab 2: Sunderland Flying Boat representing coastal command.
- Slab 3: Supermarine Spitfire representing fighter command.
- Slab 5: A Mosquito of 125 SQDN. representing night fighter and various other commands.
Slab 4 (Centre): Has the figure of an Airman in full flying kit; this is topped by the crest of the 125 (Newfoundland) Squadron Royal Air Force, as well as the years 1939-1945. Dedication reads: "To the glory of God and in perpetual remembrance of these listed hereon. This monument was erected by the 125 (Nfld.) Squadron and Allied Air Forces Association and was subscribed by a grateful public."
Slab 7: Carries the poem "High Flight" and is topped by the RAF crest.

At the bottom of the monument on the base sections is the inscription: "The Sun Gone Down | A Cross Of White | Forget Them Not." (This inscription is from a poem by Ena Constance Barrett, of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, a WWI War Bride).

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