Wawanesa War Memorial


Wawanesa, Manitoba

The Wawanesa War Memorial was constructed in 1921, in memory of those who perished in World War I and World War II.

The following is inscribed on the Wawanesa Cenotaph.

This Monument was erected by a grateful people in memory of those who gave their lives for freedom in the Great War 1914-1918

"Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends"

Died in Service

R. Clark, 11th RSVE. 10-4-18
H.J. Dent, M.M.FT.C.H. 18-4-18
T.H. Reynolds, 79th BTTLN. 5-6-21
J. Robertson, 2nd BTTLN. 2-1-17
H.D. Smith, 43rd BTTLN. 31-1-18
T.F. Webster, 16th BTTLN. 16-10-16
Corp. W.H. Rumford, D.C.H. 31st C.I. 2-11-13

Killed in Action

A. Austin, 79th BTTLN. 22-9-16
F. Bloom, 52nd BTTLN. 6-12-16
J.H. McFadden, 79th BTTLN. 16-9-16
F.W. Leachman, 43rd. BTTLN. 8-10-16
C. Livingston, 43rd BTTLN. 26-7-17
T. Wichtman, 102 BTTLN. 9-4-17
J.T. Stevenson, 1st C.M.BOE. 3-10-18
F.C.J. Watson, 1st C.M.R. 31-10-17
W.B. Lawrence, London. R.BOE. 1-7-16
Sgt. L.F. Geoffroy, 43rd BTTLN. 26-10-17
Lieut. W.W. Irvine, 43rd BTTLN. 26-9-18
Lieut. Jack Fisher, R.CON.HCLDS. 29-7-16

Killed in Action 1939-1945

W.L. Cory, P.P.C.L.I
P.J. Ellis, WPC, CRND'S
J.B. Ferris, R.C.A.F
C.G. Gorrie, R.C.A.F
R.T. Hemmons, R.C.A.F
F.J. Lowe, R.C.A.F
H.V. Millen, R.W.R
R.F. Noton, R.C.A.F
W.S. Powers, ESSEX SCOT.
C.E. Stevenson, R.C.A.F
W.C. Wallace, R.C.N.V.R
W.J. Wilton, R.C.A.F

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