The Cenotaph - Ganges, Centennial Park

The Cenotaph-Ganges, Centennial Park
Saltspring Island, British Columbia

The first war memorial erected was a wooden structure with the names of those who were serving and those killed inscribed on large white boards, two places on each of the four sides of the memorial. "The Shrine" listed the names of all men and women who were serving their country at that time. After, names were added as they joined the services. Those who were killed were marked with a cross. (A permanent masonry moved to the centre of the Centennial Park then under construction.)

At the beginning of WWI, the population of Saltspring Island was approximately 1,000. From that number, 150 men and women joined the armed services, 24 women joined the forces; nine lost their lives - two in the RCN, three in the Army and four in the RCAF or RAF.

Seventy-nine years ago this year, the first Remembrance Day service was held on Saltspring Island. Since 1931, these have been organized and directed by Branch 92 of the Royal Canadian Legion. The Cenotaph has been the location for other services: "D" Day remembrances and "V.E" Day celebrations. (The site of the annual Canada Flag-Raising also.)

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