Calder Cenotaph

Calder Cenotaph

Calder, Alberta

The Calder Cenotaph was unveiled November 11th, 1949, in honour of nine veterans of the Calder district killed during WWII. A large picture containing a photograph of each of the nine veterans was hung in the Community Hall and was presented to R.W Decker, President of the Calder Community League Hall.

The Cenotaph is a seven-foot rock structure on a concrete foundation and is located in front of the Calder Community Centre at 127 Avenue and 120 Street. The special Cenotaph was erected for the Calder veterans because the Hamlet of Calder was annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1917.

In 1978 the Cenotaph was moved from the Community League site to the Northwest Drop-In Group's leased site on 130 Avenue and 120 Street. It was felt that the Cenotaph was more appropriately placed in front of the Calder Senior Citizens' Centre. The leased site is city-owned but is maintained by the senior citizens.

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