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IWB: Trainers

How do I calibrate my TeamBoard 3 VRT IWB?

You will calibrate four settings: Whiteboard, Interactive, Pressure, and the action bar. See the instructions found in the TeamBoard User Guide.

Can I Use my TeamBoard 3 VRT IWB as a regular whiteboard?

Yes. There is a set of markers supplied with your TeamBoard that can be used to write directly on the surface of the board. There is an issue with two of the markers that were recevied with the board, in that the formulation of the Red and Blue marker leaves a shadow. We are recommending that you do not use these two markers. A replacement set of markers will be provided by your district technician. Only BIC markers should be used to write on the board.

Can I capture my annotations in electronic format?

Yes. You can set your TeamBoard 3 VRT IWB to Whiteboard mode from Interactive. See the user guide to learn how to set this mode.

How do I clean my TeamBoard 3 VRT IWB?

The recommended cleaning method of cleaning the whiteboard is to use the cleaning cloth supplied by Egan for that purpose. The cloth has a specially designed abrasive surface for cleaning the surface. For stubborn marks, the solution is to use Windex™ and paper towel. This will remove most stubborn stains.

Should I leave my projector on during school hours?

No. It is advised that the projector should be powered down during periods of non-use to extend the life of your bulb. The projector does have an inactivity detection system and will shut the power off to the bulb to conserve energy and protect the bulb. It is recommended that you take steps to turn the device off when not in use.

Can I use magnets on the TeamBoard 3 VRT IWB?

Yes. Magnets are allowed to be used on the surface of the board, with a couple of precautions. The back of the board is constructed of steel and makes an excellent surface for magnet use during curriculum delivery. Magnets should not be used while the board is in interactive mode. Egan™ recommends that "IF" you wish to use the IWB as a whiteboard, and you are going to use magnets on the whiteboard, you should first "physically disconnect the USB adapter from the back of the PC". When you are ready to use as an IWB, remove the magnets, plug in the USB adapter to the back of the PC and then you can use the unit as an IWB again.

Can this board be used by more than one person at a time?

Yes. The TeamBoard 3 VRT IWB has dual use capabilities that lets two students work simultaneously. Dual mode only works in TeamBoard Draw. This mode has to be set inside the TeamBoard Draw software. Please see the instructions for enabling this mode found in the TeamBoard User Guide.

What does the VRT stand for in the name?

VRT stands for Variable Resistive Touch. This function gives the board the ability to recognize varying degrees of pressure on the surface, making drawing and touch a unique experience for the user.

Is the calibration for pressure or VRT done automatically for me?

The boards are installed using a standard install by your district. However, the pressure sensitivity of the board is unique to your touch and should be calibrated for your personal settings. Use the calibration toolbar to calibrate the pressure. The instructions for this can be found in the TeamBoard User Guide.

Do I have to use the stylus to write on the board?

No. You can use any touch surface, including dry erase markers, to write in the interactive electronic mode of the board.

Do I have Work at Home rights for the TeamBoard Draw and Quizdom WizTeach software?

Yes. Both of the software titles can be obtained using the links found in the Menu Bar at the top of the page, and the Quick Links side bar on the right side of this page. The software can be installed on all of your personal and work machines. The software can be installed and used with any interactive whiteboard, regardless of brand. The TeamBoard Draw software does not require a license key. The Quizdom WizTeach software requires a key that can be accessed by contacting the district Programs person for your school, or by contacting the technician responsible for your school.

Is there a Teacher Resource Area available to access pre-built lessons?

Yes. Egan has created a teacher portal for educators in Newfoundland and Labrador that is specific to them. You have to apply for a user account to access the portal. The instructions for accessing the portal, as well as how to use the portal, are found in the link provided on this page.

How do I convert Smart Notebook files for use on the TeamBoard 3 VRT IWB?

  1. The route to converting the files is to sign up for the TeamBoard Apeeron portal launched for NL. Instructions for signing up for the portal can be found by following this link.

The portal Apeeron, is a new global online community for teachers who care to find and share interactive resources for the classroom. Teachers can:

  • Share resources: Upload, classify, search, download, and subscribe
  • Share ideas in the Ideas forum – with commenting and reviewing
  • Self-register 24/7/365, with instant, authenticated access in a secure environment
  • Log Cases for customer service and technical support

The Apeeron TeamBoard Community is a fresh new online community that explores the limitless possibilities of sharing, collaborating and learning with your peers. Teachers in NL are being invited to join in the launch of this exciting forum by joining today.


This site will provide updated information for trainers related to resources, dates for –in-service sessions, and other pertinent information concerning the TeamBoard 3 VRT IWB. Access to software resources and documentation will be provided in this site.