The Atlantic Groundfish Strategy

Helping People Help Themselves Find New Opportunities Outside The Groundfish Fishery.

TAGS is helping to build a better future.

The Fishery

When the moratorium on the groundfish fishery was announced in 1992, it meant the end of years of tradition for thousands of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. For over 500 years the fishery has shaped our identity, our economy, our culture. The impact of the groundfish fishery's collapse has been enormous. It has affected individuals, families, entire communities. It has affected the province as a whole. The future of the groundfish fishery is still quite uncertain. One thing we do know is that it won't be able to employ the number of people it did in the past. People who once relied on the fishing industry for their livelihood are now faced with major decisions about their futures.

"Where do we go from here?"

How TAGS is Helping

The Atlantic Groundfish Strategy (TAGS) has been developed to help people make decisions about their future. It is a program that delivers income support, employment counselling and assistance to displaced fishers and plant workers to help them develop new skills, opportunities and jobs outside the industry. TAGS has also been developed to restructure the groundfish fishery to reflect the realities of the resource. Many participants have already successfully entered new careers through various TAGS options in fields such as health care, computer technology, tourism/adventure tourism, small business, aviation, aquaculture, and many more. Those who have succeeded in beginning new careers started by developing a plan with their Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) Counsellor or their TAGS Outreach Counsellor.

Did You Know?

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